Slew Drives

Kinematics Mfg is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of slewing drives and other specialty drive components. Kinematics’ revolutionary slew drive design combines strength and maneuverability and is an essential component in wind and solar panels harnessing renewal energy.

Slewing Bearings

Kinematics slewing bearings are a cost-effective design and performance enhancement option for rotary devices carrying heavy loads. Kinematics slewing bearing drives facilitate the speed reduction, higher torque and rotational functions of heavy machinery.

Slewing Ring Bearings

Kinematics slewing rings have a compact design, which facilitates more ease of use and used in truck cranes, medical industry & forestry Industry. The slewing bearing drives in heavy machinery enable higher torque, speed reduction and rotational functions.

Slew Drive Images

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Slewing Ring Manufacturers

Kinematics is the world’s largest slewing ring manufacturer, delivering custom-engineered solutions to customers in 23 countries.

Slewing Drive

Read more about slewing drive at Wikipedia.

Solar Tracking System

Kinematics Mfg is one of leading manufacturer of solar tracking systems worldwide. Kinematics specializes in automatic solar tracking system, single axis and dual solar tracking system for custom requirements. Download product catalog information for more details.

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