Why a Slewing Drive is an All-in-One Solution

November 14, 2016- Many industrial applications today require a very high degree of precision – both to achieve operational efficiency and to provide reliable, cost effective maintainability over the long term. When designing a modern solar tracking or satellite dish system, this ability to reliably focus on a single fine point is absolutely crucial to the overall effectiveness of the service it provides.

Slewing drives have proven their value in these systems, due to their all-in-one nature. By combining bearing, rotation, turning torque and motor control into a single unit, Kinematics slewing drives offer a complete solution replacement to the traditional task distribution among many separate components that could include: the bearing, slewing ring, pinion, planetary gearbox, sprocket, chain, worm gearbox, brake, motor and controllers.

In a Kinematics slewing drive, internal components are designed and fabricated to work specifically with the other drive components, allowing the overall unit to operate at an exceptionally high level of precision and efficiency. Achieving this same level of efficiency using separate devices would be a very difficult, cumbersome and expensive task.

This fully encapsulated design of Kinematics slewing drives deliver benefits that include:

• Increases drive performance while substantially reducing cost and weight
• Speeds assembly line installation to the point of a simple bolt in unit (no adjustment, fitting, mating or tuning of parts required)
• Simplifies system maintenance by consolidating many individual tasks into a single easy-to-replace drive unit
• Allows for superior positioning precision and movement control
• Ensures long drive lifespan and highly cost effective operation

Kinematics slewing drives offer a simple and easy solution that fasten into any joint between stationary and rotating members, providing exceptional performance by simplifying the designs of high performance industrial applications.