Waste Management

April 10, 2017- The waste management industry holds a very unique set of demands for collecting, hauling and dumping waste materials. Any prime mover must be capable of operating at very high speeds. It must also be reliable, cost-effective, and able to work in the dirtiest environments. Kinematics manufactures slewing drives to handle waste product while meeting all key industry criteria.

To develop the high speeds, required gearing is machined and ground to a very fine finish so that heat generation from the work is kept to an acceptable level. Bearings and journals are manufactured to precise tolerances for a smooth and even rotation from the start.

Kinematics slewing drives are designed to stringent engineering standards, then tested using a full laboratory of special equipment.

The first set of tests run are tensile strength load tests. For this the slewing drive is loaded to the point of destruction for every rated load type. After the tensile strength points are verified the slewing drives are put through accelerated life tests to load the slewing drive under the operational loads it will see in the field, while the cycle times are accelerated so that the full life can be verified before the drives are put into the field. Finally all slewing drives are tested for a bevy of environmental conditions such as rain, blowing sand, heat, cold, and salt bath solution among others. Only after passing all sets of tests is a Kinematics slewing drive approved for use in OEM waste management equipment.

Kinematics combines very high volume manufacturing quantities with lean manufacturing techniques to keep the costs low. In addition, special proprietary in-house processes have been developed over time to further reduce costs while increasing quality and repeatability of final product.

Kinematics manufactures slewing drives perfectly suited for the high demands of the waste management industry including high speed and low costs in a reliable product.