Slewing Drives in the Industrial Machinery Marketplace

July 25, 2016- Industrial applications for prime movers include: robotic arms, welders, mixers, picking, rotating on or off assembly lines, lifts, and other key tasks at the heart of the industrial sector. Gearboxes that can accomplish these tasks quickly, reliably, and with minimal maintenance, are imperative for keeping a plant running at top efficiency.

Kinematics manufactures the fastest and highest horsepower gearbox, in the smallest dimensional envelope known to exist. To make the gearbox fast, Kinematics manufactures a patented hourglass worm drive, which engages 5 to 11 teeth of the ring gear. This decreases the stress per tooth, which yields an upward multiplicative effect for speed and horsepower, and a conversely minimizing effect on size. More horsepower is packed into a very sleek wafer shaped design, so it can be easily assembled into any type of industrial equipment.

Kinematics slewing drives incorporate the load bearings, rotational torque, and motion control needed, all inside of one tightly manufactured housing. They are available in a myriad of options for electric motors, reduction ratios, output power, and mounting options in order to suit all types of industrial equipment. Drives come fully greased or with an oil bath option for higher duty cycle applications. For the highest of duty cycles, the oil bath can even be circulated through the gear housing to keep heat low and cycle times lightning fast.

Downtime is money in the industrial workplace. Since no amount of unplanned downtime is acceptable, Kinematics tests all of its slewing drives to the highest performance standards. For all new customers with specific requirements outside of the catalog, Kinematics builds a test stand to exactly replicate the customer’s equipment. Then, Kinematics runs accelerated life cycle testing with real time data, video log, and spent parts analysis so the application can be precisely dialed in. Kinematics has over 600,000 installed slewing drives working in industrial applications with an extremely low DPPM. Kinematics drives have also been documented to have the highest Mean Time Between Failure rates and are perfectly suited for the most rigorous of industrial applications.