Slewing Drive Rotational Package

April 3, 2017- Rotation of a payload requires that it has structural support, bearings with which to rotate around, load bearing drive components, a primary mover, and a motion controller. Many components act on one or another facet of this equation, while Kinematics’ slewing drive incorporates the entire package in one, tight, easy-to-install and operate package.

Kinematics’ slewing drives have a main slewing ring bearing around which the ring gear rotates. The inner raceway of the slewing drive is attached to a stout housing for holding and attaching all the componentry. The worm drive shaft rides in the housing between two center taper roller bearings where it can both drive and lock into place the output motion of the ring gear. Into the motor is a primary mover such as any number of different types of motors and connected to the motor are the motion controllers.

A device such as this can be programmed to rotate, position and manipulate loads in any way imaginable. Having all the required facets simply housed in this one device makes purchasing, shipping, installing, and maintenance very straightforward and cost-effective.

This is why Kinematics manufactures its drives to include an all-in-one drive.