Slew Drive Images

Slew Drives Image 1

Slew Drives Image 1Slew drives are essential transmission components for machines that need relative rotation and bears radial force, axial force and toppling movements at the same time.

Slewing Drives Image 2

Slewing Drives ImageThe slewing drive is based on the worm drive mechanism with one big exception; a traditional worm touches just one tooth at a time while an hourglass engages up to 11 teeth at one time. This results in far greater strength & efficiency.

Slewing Drive Image 3

Slewing Drive Image 3The slewing drive mainly comprises of a slewing bearing, a housing, a worm shaft and a hydraulic motor.




Slew Drive Image 4

Image of a slew driveWe manufacture many different types of slew gears and offer the drives with different types of intermediary reductions and input power.

Slew Drive Image 5

Slew Drive ImageKinematics slewing drives are designed, tested and used for a 30-year field life.

Slewing Gear Image 6

Slewing Gear ImageWe offer open housing (exposed gearing) or enclosed housing which is completely sealed to the extremities.

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