SDE Dual-Axis Slewing Drive

October 3, 2016- For applications requiring movement in two axes simultaneously, it has traditionally taken a separate set of bearings, gearing and primary movers on each axis. This method proves insufficient for a variety of reasons: it is expensive, yields a pliant final assembly, is sloppy, is overly cumbersome to assemble or service, and it’s generally an eye sore.

Kinematics has designed a drive, the SDE Dual Axis Drive, which fits all components for driving in two axes simultaneously into one monocoque housing. The use of one housing for all componentry makes it extremely stiff and accurate. It moves seamlessly like eyeball tracking its target.

The SDE Dual Axis Drive can be mounted on any plane and any angle, not just horizontal or vertical. There’s a separate motor for each of the two axes, which takes the power input for rotating its own axes. Each moves separately and entirely independently, such that one can be going at full speed while the other axis is stopped or even moving in reverse if you wish.

Our SDE Dual-Axis Slewing Drives have a 30-year field life of precise 3D positioning guarantee. These efficient drives are a reliable solution, packed into a single drive.

By using first class manufacturing equipment and processes, the final level of accuracy of these drives is extremely tight. Kinematics has standard ranges, as well as specific tight micron accuracy ranges per our customers’ requirements. We love to work closely with our customers to manufacture for their needs, even for the most difficult of applications.

Common applications for this drive include: dual-axis solar trackers (like heliostats and concentrated photovoltaics), satellite or radar dishes, automotive lifts, robotic arm positioners, and various stage equipment.

Kinematics’ SDE Dual Axis Drive is the clear leading choice of drives for any dual axis rotational application.