Kinematics Announces new Synthetic Line of Lubricants

May 20, 2020, Phoenix, Arizona- Kinematics, the world’s leading slew drive manufacturer, and lead supplier to the Utility-Scale solar industry, announced today the availability of its ProMeshTM line of lubricants.

Kinematics is pleased to announce the introduction and immediate availability of the first of its ProMesh line of lubricants explicitly developed to increase efficiency and decrease wear in its slew drive technology. ProMesh, developed out of KMI’s commitment to continuously advance torque technology, raises the bar on lubricant standards for worm gearboxes. KMI rigorously tested numerous synthetic formulations in its validation labs, under multiple environmental conditions, before developing one that would improve performance, reduce wear and stand up to the demands of harsh field usage.

KMI’s testing demonstrated that ProMesh increases relative performance efficiency by 15-20% compared to other synthetic lubricants. These results not only reduce power requirements for a given torque, they also translate into less lifetime stress on costly control system components such as gear motors, controllers, and batteries.

Slew Drives tested with ProMesh also realized up to 66% less wear in controlled testing compared to standard synthetic lubricants. These gains result in expected longer lifetimes for the drives and longer service intervals.

“Developing the next generation of lubricants for slew drives has been a focus for quite some time,” said Adam Plesniak, Vice President of Product Development at KMI. “Our objective was, far more than to create a great lubricant, was to introduce a formulation that benefitted our customer’s overall application. Whenever suppliers dramatically improve a mission-critical component to an application’s efficiency, it serves to increase the efficiency of the entire application. In our case, this can translate into significant savings, including lower initial cost and less frequent maintenance intervals of the slew drive and the entire system”, concluded Plesniak.

Kinematics ProMesh is now available globally. For more information, please contact Jennifer Cangelosi, Vice President of Sales, Americas, at

About Kinematics

Kinematics is the leading innovator and volume manufacturer of integrated worm- and slew-gear drives globally. KMI sells to markets, including tracking (PV and satellite), lifting devices (cranes, man-lifts, positioners), and specialized vehicle steering and actuation. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the Company sells directly to OEMs in North and South America, Europe, Australia and throughout Asia. Visit our website for more information on Kinematics and its wide range of patented products.

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