Kinematics, NEXTracker Partnership Powers Over 6GW of PV Trackers Globally


Phoenix, Arizona

Kinematics announced today, working with PV tracker partner NEXTracker, a Flex company, a major milestone in NEXTracker’s global deployment of high performance PV trackers: the Company will ship the 250,000th gear drive to NEXTracker projects in July 2017, powering over 6 gigawatts of NEXTracker solar arrays in power plants worldwide.

Kinematics (KMI) is the world leader in worm- and slew-gear drives, and has been delivering innovation in photovoltaic (PV) tracker actuation for over a decade. Over 10 GW of PV trackers are currently powered by Kinematics drives. According to GTM Research’s Scott Moskowitz, the global solar tracker market has grown by 44% since 2015.

“Kinematics has been supporting NEXTracker with gear drives since our earliest prototypes in 2013,” said Dan Shugar, CEO at NEXTracker. “KMI has been responsive in evolving their drives through multiple configurations as we continue to advance our flagship product, NX Horizon, and it’s amazing to think we now have a quarter of a million KMI drives helping make clean solar power all around the globe”.

“NEXTracker is uniquely focused on perfecting the independent row PV tracker and works closely with their suppliers to continually innovate on cost-performance,” said Mark Henderson, CEO of Kinematics. “That means we’ve delivered increased performance and reduced costs. We’re very happy to be part of NEXTracker’s global growth and look forward to continued joint innovation.”

Kinematics is the first supplier to validate production drives to NX’s demanding lifetime reliability requirement, demonstrating the highest bankability and lowest risk actuation in the industry. As this validation was achieved with KMI production drives, current and future project owners can be confident of having the market’s highest reliability drives installed. Validation was performed at Kinematics’ Validation Lab – the world’s largest and most comprehensive slew drive test facility.

About NEXTracker

NEXTracker, a Flex company, advances the power plant of the future with solar tracker and energy storage innovations to increase performance and reduce costs for power plants of all sizes. As the #1 tracker supplier worldwide with over 9 GW delivered, NEXTracker is globally recognized for delivering the most advanced photovoltaic solutions for hundreds of projects across five continents. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Company has offices in China, India, Spain, Latin America, and Australia. For more information, visit: and follow the Company on Twitter @NEXTracker.

About Kinematics

Kinematics is the leading innovator and volume manufacturer of integrated worm- and slew-gear drives globally. KMI sells to markets including tracking (PV and satellite), lifting devices (cranes, man-lifts, positioners) and specialized vehicle steering and actuation. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the Company sells directly to OEMs in North America, Europe and Asia. KMI operates a wholly-owned manufacturing facility in Jiangyin, China. Visit our website for more information on Kinematics and its wide range of patented products.

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