Manufacturing in China

October 24, 2016- As a whole, China comes with a variety of unique issues not found in other countries – but the benefits far outweigh any uncertainties. China is quite possibly the best country in the world for gearbox manufacturing.

Companies with U.S. headquarters, but who work with international customers (or customers with international job sites), find it very advantageous to ship the product directly from China to the final point of destination. This removes bringing the product through the US borders unnecessarily. This saves in tariff costs, shipping costs, and a lot of logistical costs.

Also, the work ethic in China is extremely strong; this is the rising tide that lifts all companies doing business in China. A workforce that is driven to manufacture great products every day is a powerful force.

China possesses a huge industrial knowledge of manufactured goods. It’s especially strong in certain areas of the country, including the Yangtze River Delta where the Kinematics Manufacturing plant is located.

The Chinese government has several engineers very high in the power triangle, and they make the manufacturing and exporting of products a focal point of the economy. This mindset is a big win for all companies manufacturing in China.

The cost of labor, while not the cheapest in the world, is inexpensive in comparison to the western part of the world. Keep in mind that when you manufacture in China, it is a highly skilled and technical workforce that you’re paying for, rather than unskilled labor.

It is incredibly important that the supply chain be strong, well versed, cooperative, on time, high quality, and reliable when it comes to manufacturing a product with many diversified material inputs. China has this desired supply chain for all heavy industry and manufacturing.

These are some of the qualities that make China the best choice for the manufacturing of gearboxes.