KMI Announces Doug Rainbolt as CMO, Partnership with Chief Outsiders

March 12, 2019, Phoenix, Arizona- KMI announced today that Doug Rainbolt has joined KMI in the role of CMO, chartered with developing KMI’s brand and marketing assets. Doug represents Chief Outsiders, the leading outsourced C-level marketing executive organization, with whom KMI is partnering on this initiative.

“Doug’s experience with both Chief Outsiders and as an experienced operator working for several successful technology companies, will provide KMI with the resource and know-how to communicate our story more broadly,” said Mark Henderson, KMI CEO. “While our customers know us as partners concerned for their success, our Marketing assets need to “catch-up” with our industry and technical leadership. We look forward to partnering with Doug on our Marketing initiatives and driving even more growth,”, concluded Henderson.

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