KMI Awarded Patent for New Auto-locking Slewing Drive

Slewing drive manufacturer receives patent for innovative gearbox product designed to create
higher efficiency and accuracy.

June 25, 2013, Phoenix, Arizona- KMI, the largest slewing drive manufacturer in the world, has been issued a patent for its new LE Locking Absolute Positioner from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China. The LE is the only drive in the market offering absolute locked positioning with zero backlash, which makes it extremely accurate under heavy loads and creates higher productivity for many applications.

Standard drives cannot hold an absolute position, but the new Kinematics LE solves this problem by locking the drive into place and eliminating any possibility of movement. The result is lower backlash, better stability, higher torque, longer life, less raw material, lower price and better efficiency for a variety of projects.

“This drive eliminates all losses arising in industries where movement of the gearing drive creates system inefficiencies,” said Brent Morgan, founder of Kinematics. “This is seen in concentrated solar power, imaging and satellites, where even a tenth of a degree drift while parked can result in a 90 percent loss of efficiency for the equipment.”

The LE drive was completed early in 2013 after a year in development and is the company’s 16th patent. In addition, this drive utilizes another patent, Kinematics’ patented hourglass technology, which withstands four to nine times greater survivability load by engaging more teeth than a standard drive. Kinematics has a wide range of standard sizes available for the LE drive and offers customization to meet specific project needs.

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