Kinematics Validation Lab – Validating Slew/Worm-Gear Durability and Reliability

August 15, 2017- Kinematics Manufacturing, Inc (KMI) recently unveiled the Kinematics Validation Laboratory (KVL) – the largest and most comprehensive slew/worm-gear durability and reliability test lab in the world. This 5,000sq ft. dedicated lab is where KMI offers comprehensive testing services to validate customer products for real-world durability and reliability.

Over the last century or so, Reliability Engineering and related fields have developed methods for accurately predicting real-world operational lifetimes. This is achieved through accelerated testing under simulated conditions and is vitally important for mission-critical products such as spacecraft, aircraft and automobiles. These types of products have to be ultra-dependable but must enter operation without years and years of testing. Similarly, KMI’s core markets – heavy equipment and solar tracking – require drives with proven and predictable long operational lifetimes.

Reliability and durability testing is critical in the solar industry where solar power plants and all their components are expected to operate with zero or limited maintenance over a 25-30 year lifetime. KMI has been doing reliability and durability testing for over a decade to demonstrate and validate predictable and long product lifetimes for its products.

Kinematics Validation Lab Services

  • 5,000 sq. ft. dedicated test lab
  • Fully equipped
  • Customer or KMI test protocols
  • Performance validations
  • Lifetime validation/HALT
  • Destructive testing
  • Environmental testing
  • FMEA/Risk Analysis
  • Test reports