Kinematics – Investing in Quality and Performance

March 20, 2018- Our global Kinematics team is very proud of our history of innovation, and the resulting improvements in quality, performance and value we have been able to deliver to our customers worldwide. Continuous innovation requires continuous investment, and we’re proud to announce significant new investments which not only accelerate our ability to innovate, but which also bring quality, performance and value improvements to our legacy products and customers.

There’s an adage – “you can’t improve what you can’t measure” – the first step in continuous improvement is to establish how to measure what you want to improve! Kinematics has always used industry-standard measurement equipment, including computerized CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). In late 2017, Kinematics installed a new state-of-the-art precision 4-axis gear inspection CMM system from a leading European supplier of advanced metrology equipment. This gear CMM allows Kinematics to measure gears we manufacture to the highest industry specification accuracies (ISO/DIN Class/Group 1, AGMA 15). Kinematics has commissioned custom development of software for this advanced CMM machine for measurement of our proprietary “hourglass” worms – this represents a unique and industry-leading measurement capability.

Once you have the ability to measure, you can improve what you’re making. Typically, the next limitation is in the tools you use to make the item – and as you improve you’ll often have to improve those tools, too. To provide a clear pathway for gear and worm innovation, Kinematics is installing, in the first quarter of 2018, two state-of-the-art, automated Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) hobbing machines – hobbing being the principal process by which gears are cut. These machines significantly decrease gear cutting times and increase throughput – while cutting to much finer tolerances than legacy hobbing machines. This capability allows Kinematics to bring further advances in value (cost/performance), quality and plant capacity (scale). Once again, Kinematics leads the way in the worm/gear segment, with gear manufacturing capabilities well beyond our competitors.

Kinematics is leveraging these investments into multiple new product lines, driven by our customers’ application requirements, with all-new standards of performance, value and quality.