Kinematics’ Customer Design Experience

October 10, 2016- Kinematics Manufacturing approaches their customers’ OEM equipment design process different than most other manufacturers. Our slogan is “Process Solutions through Excellence in Innovation”. We work the entire process end to end, and innovate for excellence. Our philosophy is to engage the customer at the white board stage in their design process and help them through every stage of the design, development, test, beta, pre-production and production gates.

A slewing drive works at the heart of the final OEM equipment. Its performance (or lack thereof), entirely effects the look, feel and function of the equipment. If it is not designed properly, or does not quite fit, it can be detrimental to the equipment’s function. It is imperative that the slewing drive fit into the equipment like a hand in a glove, not a bolted on afterthought. Taking this approach is one of the factors that differentiates Kinematics from our competitors.

At Kinematics, we engage early on in the design process. This allows us to show where weight can be saved, stiffness can be increased, power can be harnessed, accuracy can be increased and costs can be cut. We listen to all of our customers’ objectives and work with them to maximize their goals at every end of the spectrum. This process works well to produce great production OEM equipment and build a strong customer-supplier relationship. These qualities allow the Kinematics team to take pride and ownership in our customers’ final product.

We produce OEM equipment for a variety of markets, including: solar, wind, industrial, mobile, satellite, and medical. Regardless of the field our customers do business in, we manufacture OEM equipment that helps improve their quality. At Kinematics, we’re always willing work outside of the standard paradigm to make our customers as successful as they can possibly be in their field.