Innovate and Protect! Tap into Kinematics’ Innovation Engine!

February 14, 2018- In fast moving global markets, continuous innovation is required to maintain differentiation and a competitive edge. Companies need to develop active sources of innovation, including suppliers who demonstrate the ability to innovate. It’s necessary to have strong partners who invest in innovation and deliver on product roadmaps to stay ahead in today’s markets.

Innovators must protect their innovations. This is to be sure they recoup their investments, but also ensure that their customers receive the full value of the invention, so that value is not diluted or lost due to counterfeit imitations. This extends to suppliers too. Innovative suppliers who protect their intellectual property protect their customers’ value as well.

Kinematics was founded based on multiple key innovations – including the hourglass worm and integration of worm and gear drives into a common housing. Previously, equipment manufacturers would assemble worm-gear functionality into their products using loose gears and custom mounts and enclosures. The Kinematics family of integrated hourglass worm/slew drives were very well accepted as a better cost/performance alternative. Today Kinematics is recognized as the world-wide market leader in industrial slew and solar tracking drives.

Kinematics continues to invest heavily in innovation, and to innovate widely to deliver our customers the very best value in actuation solutions. Kinematics’ long list of innovations includes:

  • Hourglass worm design
  • Vertical-mount drives
  • Integrated raceway drives
  • Integrated torque tube output interfaces
  • Dual axis drives
  • Solar tracking optimized drives

Kinematics has developed a large and robust global Intellectual Property portfolio, and actively manages this portfolio to ensure our customers have access to the best technologies and the best products from the market’s most innovative supplier, without fear of inferior counterfeit copies.

Kinematics works closely with our customers to drive forward-looking product and technology roadmaps to rapidly evolve actuation in parallel with evolving market demands. Contact us today so we can discuss your innovation roadmap, and how we can join forces to develop disruptive, differentiated, high-value products!