How Slewing Drives Move the Mobile Industry

August 8, 2016- In the mobile equipment industry, it’s critical to have a prime mover that can smoothly and powerfully move your equipment. It also needs to be able to handle difficult tasks such as picking, sawing, lifting, hammering, and articulating. Any hesitation or weakness in your prime mover occurs from the centermost point and will consequently amplify itself many times larger at the end of the equipment. For this reason, it is important to have a very strong and reliable prime mover. The same is true of an engine for a car; a powerful engine is critical for having a superior automobile.

Slewing drives are widely used in aerial work platforms, hydraulic equipment attachments, materials processing, construction, and various types of utility equipment because they’re the best tools for performing tough work. They are durable, powerful, and easy to operate day after day.

A slewing drive encapsulates a structure, bearing, rotation, and motion control in one easy to install drive. This greatly simplifies and improves the design of any OEM equipment by having a singular tight drive that can perform all these functions together. Trying to couple these operations by using a series of components creates slop, costs, and uncertainty in the system. A one-piece slewing drive makes it easy to ramp production quantities, quicken the assembly line, and control the final quality in any mass produced product.

Slewing drives are capable of creating a tremendously high amount of horsepower and torque from a very sleek wafer shaped housing. Kinematics manufactures a special hourglass worm shaped gear at the heart of the drive. This increases power and decreases tooth stress by distributing the load over 5 to 11 ring gear teeth, instead of only one tooth. This design can withstand a tremendous amount of impact stress and hammering that can typically occur in difficult mobile applications.

Mobile equipment needs to work day in and day out with trouble-free operation because of the high cost-per-minute on any given jobsite. Slewing drives have been shown to be practically indestructible. They do not require disassembly and there are no adjustments required. Regular maintenance only involves pumping the various externally located grease points. There’s nothing easier or more reliable for rotating and articulating mobile equipment.

Slewing drives have solved many of the issues found with powering mobile equipment before their introduction into the marketplace. Some of these issues include: power, smoothness of rotation, ease of installation, low maintenance, and superior reliability.