How Slewing Drives Are Used in the Medical Market

August 1, 2016- In the medical equipment marketplace, it’s vital to have clean, quiet, and sharp looking actuation devices. With their sleek wafer shape and super smooth precision helical cut gearing, slewing drives are a perfect fit for the ultimate OEM designed equipment.

Kinematics has patented multiple designs for accuracy and precision in positioning that are necessary for strict medical industry requirements. For example, the ZE drive has zero backlash. This way whenever electrical input is stopped, the drive sets into place with zero movement in the gear train. The LE model has a special locking device that sets a firm lock into place when the drive comes to a stop, so that it cannot be moved with back driving forces. In addition, there is a wide range of backlash tolerances, electric motors, and reduction ratios to choose from to meet any customer requirement.

Slewing drives encapsulate the bearing, rotation, turning torque, and motor control all within one housing. This makes design of OEM medical equipment easy by the use of SolidWorks models that have all of the functions coupled into one drive and simply drops into place. The slewing drive fastens into any joint between the stationary and rotating member to hold all radial and axial loads, withstand overturning moments, and output rotational torque for positioning the equipment into any desired location with unlimited degrees of rotation. Kinematics drives are manufactured with an ultra-tight IP65 seal rating to keep dust out and lubrication in.

Currently there are over 600,000 Kinematics slewing drives installed and working in some of the highest precision applications worldwide. Kinematics drives have demonstrated extremely high Mean Time Between Failure rates, along with minimal operational and maintenance costs. With supreme accuracy, a long life cycle, and quiet operation there is not a better fit for rotational drives in the OEM medical equipment industry.