Hourglass Worm Technology

September 26, 2016- Kinematics Manufacturing has patented a superior type of worm thread, named an Hourglass Worm, for use in worm gear drives. This incredible worm profile is shaped like an hourglass in comparison to a basic cylinder. This feature allows the worm shaft to engage multiple teeth of the ring gear, instead of the standard single tooth. Depending on the size of gearing manufactured, these additional teeth are 5 to 13 times more than that of a standard worm drive.

The weak link in a gearing system is the point of contact in the gear faces. The material stress is determined by the force on the teeth, divided by the contact area of those teeth. With the Kinematics’ Hourglass Worm the number of teeth, and therefore corresponding area, is 5 to 13 times larger than standard gearing. This gives a comparable multiplicative effect to the amount of load that can be carried before breakdown.

Some outstanding benefits of this unique worm drive, in a plethora of marketplaces, include: smoother rotation, increased survivability in a high speed wind storm, increased output torque, and the ability to handle higher duty cycle rating applications. By sharing the load amongst many teeth, each tooth only carries a small fraction of the load compared to what it would normally see in a regular gear drive. This gives the effect of a small army of teeth all pulling or working in the same direction around the ring gear to help get the job done.

In addition to patenting the Hourglass Worm, Kinematics has developed proprietary manufacturing processes which allows us to manufacture any size of hourglass gearing using high, speed in-house equipment. This keeps costs on par with standard gearing, and yields extremely high levels of quality control in manufacturing.

Kinematics’ Hourglass Worms can power even the most difficult jobs.