Higher Performance, Lower Cost Solar Actuation

August 8, 2018- After months of diligent development by the Kinematics global team, and hundreds of hours of testing at the Kinematics Validation Lab, we are pleased to introduce our new HE6 product line, engineered for the perfect balance of cost and performance, for distributed row solar tracker actuation.

Kinematics is meeting the ever-increasing requirements of our segment-leading customers through best-in-class engineering of all components in our solar actuation products. Through this exhaustive effort, we’ve been able to increase the dynamic and static load capacities of smaller form-factor drives, leading to cost reduction, material optimization and drive efficiency improvement.

Better Performance and Efficiency

Well matched static and dynamic performance is what matters most in low speed rotary actuation. Where competing drives show anywhere from low 20% – 30% efficiency, Kinematics HE6 demonstrates >40% efficiency through all dynamic loading conditions, throughout the 30 year accelerated life test of the drive.

Lower Cost

The HE6 is over 25% less mass than our HE8 drive but with similar dynamic and static performance capacity. Customers of our HE6 product are saving directly from less material without compromising performance. This is due specifically to advanced engineering and manufacturing processes allowing the drives to attain higher performance than ever before.

What does the Future hold?

Kinematics is continuing to push the envelope on engineering for cost-performance in low speed rotary actuation. Kinematics will be releasing several new product architectures this year, for controlled actuation of all types of solar tracker: distributed row, linked row, single module in portrait, dual module in portrait, large span single actuator, highly distributed actuation. Kinematics will also be announcing additional torque management products specifically designed for PV trackers.

Visit with Kinematics at Solar Power International, September in Anaheim, CA

Join us at booth 113 at SPI in Anaheim September 25-27 to see our wide range of PV tracker actuation solutions and talk with our team about your tracker needs.