Kinematic's Role in Supporting Next Generation Phones

When technical innovation addresses and solves big problems or betters consumer’s lives, change happens very quickly. We are seeing such a transformation in many industries today. Two such examples include the advances in space and communications technology, and when combined, create an exciting vision of the future.

Many transformations are perceived to “happen very quickly,” yet years of development have gone into bringing the needed pieces to the point where they are commercially viable. When pent-up demand, and the cost of both the technology and the go-to-market business models to deliver it, can be efficiently aligned and leveraged to break open mature markets, once seated incumbent infrastructure is displaced, and disruption happens. And it happens quickly.

The communication industry has evolved quickly, from the postage stamp to WhatsApp and associated millisecond delivery in our lifetimes. Although digital cellular telephones are now the obvious winner of dueling technologies, there are still 75 Iridium satellites in orbit that Motorola launched decades ago when creating a “superior” communications system. Unfortunately, the phones back then cost $5,000 each. Hardly a price, given the state of technology and its associated cost, to disrupt a market. Hence, cellular won that commercial battle. At least initially. But fast forward- it now seems that the more ambitious technical solution may be on the verge of re-entering the fight and flight.

Advances in satellite technology and space flight innovation are fueling a Space Rush that will make possible the next generation of mobile phones, phones that will provide global coverage with no switching between carriers. The technology and innovation making this possible will touch nearly every component, system, and service sitting between two callers.

Kinematics is excited to play a small but essential part in this transformation. From product conception to state of the art manufacturing, KMI’s torque technology is pushing the envelope on accuracy and improved economics necessary for satellite receivers to complete the link between phone users. KMI can integrate with precision the motors and encoders for accurate motion control into its slew drive technology. And KMI has the manufacturing infrastructure to produce volumes extending well into the thousands. From ideation to commercialization, KMI partners with its customers to drive positive change. Let us know how we can help you take your business to the stars!