Download the W Right-Angle Rotator Product Catalog

Kinematics manufactures worm gearsets, worm gear reducers and worm drives for transmission of power through the reduction of speed and increase in torque.  At Kinematics Manufacturing, we use the best gear manufacturing processes to ensure a high AGMA quality gear with the best form, fit and function for the applications of the marketplaces we serve.  It’s important to have low gear runout on the worm and ring gear, along with tightly machined and balanced bearing journal tolerances.

Worm gear reducers are highly sought after because they provide a high amount of torque output, in a small cost effective package.  Achieving comparable reduction rates with competing technologies takes a lot more space, expense of components as well as specialty mounting brackets for housing and adjusting the mating components to one another. Our base model sizes deliver performance ranges from 1,100Nm to 5,000Nm of output torque. Many input and output flanges, splines, and motor inputs are available and can be custom tailored to a customer’s needs. The mounting can be done horizontally.

Download the W  Right-Angle Rotator Product Guide to get more information on specifications, applications, operations and maintenance of the Kinematics Worm Gear Drives.

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