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The VE Vertically mounted slewing drive was specifically designed and manufactured for single axis solar trackers, but may be used for any job where a vertical mounting is required.  The VE vertically-mounted slewing drive from Kinematics does not require specialty mounting brackets like most drives and can withstand extremely heavy multi directional loads without breaking.  It bolts to a horizontal pad, yet sits vertically, so it is ideal for single-axis solar trackers where the long torque tube attaches to, or passes through the slewing drive center body.  By maintaining an upright position, the VE slewing drive is able to hold, rotate and position solar panels under heavy wind loads with total accuracy and precision.

Weather protection is important for a 30 year life in renewable energy fields where drives are routinely hit with rain, salt condensation, high wind, blowing dust, extreme hot and cold differentials and high UV exposure to the sun.   Kinematics’ in-house laboratory of test equipment is used for testing every type of material over a 30 year accelerated life cycle before it can be considered for use in our applications.  This includes extensive test of the paint, fasteners, coatings, grease, rubbers, liquid sealants, thread lockers, steels, brass, irons and any material which may be considered for use in production of Kinematics’ slewing drives, slewing rings, double enveloping worm gearsets, or otherwise.

The slewing drive encapsulates the structure, turntable bearing, worm gearing, planetary reducer, output flanges and motion control all in one simple to use package.  This saves substantial cost and weight, while increasing performance characteristics.  It also makes the purchase, shipping and job site installation when you’re dealing with one drive which can handle the tasks traditionally split between many separate components.

The fully-enclosed, vertical VE slewing drive is powered by Kinematics’ patented hourglass worm technology. This increases gear engagement for more stability and strength in every project.  Each VE is rigorously tested for consistently reliable performance, with base model sizes producing 3,000Nm to 387kNm of holding torque, 201Nm to 89kNm of output torque, 500Nm to 339kNm of overturning moment load capacity, and gearbox reduction ratios of 30:1 up to 156,600:1.

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