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Bearings, slewing rings, 4 point contact ball bearings, turntable bearings and roller bearings are very useful for providing a rotating member with overturning moment load carrying capability.  Kinematics manufactures rings with either internal or external gearing, tapped or through holes, 4 point contact ball bearings or roller bearings, single or dual raceways, stepped and top hatted configurations to suit the customer’s particular application.

When designing a slewing ring Kinematics engineering team considers the application, duty cycle, axial load, radial load, overturning moment, appearance, ease of maintenance, customer’s assembly line configuration and final desired performance characteristics.  All parameters must be weighed and calculated properly to be sure the ring is safe for operation while not overly costly to the customer.  Rings are normally at the heart of the equipment, so their reliability is of extreme importance to the long-term trouble free life of the customer’s OEM equipment.

Kinematics slewing rings, turntable bearings, and four point contact ball bearings are ideal for rotary devices holding heavy loads in industries such as forestry, manufacturing, medical, nautical, aerospace and robotics.  With a compact design, slewing rings and bearings are cost-effective by integrating a bearing raceway with a mounting surface and gear tooth profile if so desired.

Kinematics custom-engineers all of our slewing rings for each particular project.  Usually weighing between 7.7kg to 355kg, our slewing rings provide axial load-holding from 133.2kN to 50,300kN with tilting movement of 13kNm to 1,274kNm.  If necessary, additional capabilities and sizes can be manufactured to accommodate unique equipment and projects.

Kinematics’ manufacturing plant is totally vertically integrated with raw steel coming in one end of the plant and finished assembled and packaged slewing rings, turntable bearings and four point contact ball bearings exiting the opposite end of the plant.  Kinematics does all the machining, gear cutting, milling, heat treatment, quality control checks, assembly, testing, coating and packaging in-house to ensure the final product is perfect, that the processes are controlled, and that everything is traceable back to the raw ingredients.  We don’t do anything second class or half way.  To carry a Kinematics nametag it must be perfect.

The Kinematics Slewing Rings product catalog provides more details about:

  • Slewing Rings Specifications
  • 30-Year Accelerated Life Cycle Testing
  • Specific Industry Applications
  • Performance Details

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