Download the Kinematics Slewing Motors Guide

Kinematics offers both electric and hydraulic motors to power slewing drives across industries and applications.  It’s important to have the motor design perfectly integrated to the slew drive gearing, so at Kinematics we manufacture, assemble and ship our drives with the motors installed.  Customers benefit from having a ready to use drive.

Electric motors from Kinematics are available in both DC and AC power.  Each one comes with a broad range of intermediary reduction ratios to fit any required output speed and torque from the final slewing ring reduction.   DC motors are available in brushed and brushless with different price points considering the customer’s application, duty cycle, lifetime and price requirements.  AC motors come in a wide range of voltages and frequencies for different countries.

In addition to the electric motors Kinematics offers a line of electronic products such as encoders, limit switches, controllers and connectors to ensure you have everything necessary, installed on the slewing drive and ready to run when you receive.

Hydraulic motors are available in displacements from 10 to 400cc, with geroler and bent axis construction types available.  Displacements can be both fixed and variable depending on the customer’s hydraulic power unit.  Hydraulic valve bodies and manifolds can be specially designed and manufactured in Kinematics’ manufacturing plant to fit required performance parameters of the customer’s OEM equipment.

Inside Kinematics’ research and development laboratory is a full line of individual and gang bench test equipment for checking the motors reliability.  Accelerated life cycle tests are performed to check performance over time, wear, input current draw and other baseline measurements.

When you download the slewing motors guide from Kinematics, you get more specification information such as:

  • Motor Rated Speed
  • Reduction Ratio
  • Output Speed
  • Rated Torque
  • Power Factor
  • Rated Current
  • Stall Torque
  • IP Rating
  • Voltage
  • Hertz / Frequency
  • Resistance
  • Power
  • Frame size
  • Enclosure protection
  • Temperature and Altitudes
  • IEEE, NEMA standard
  • Poles
  • Sound Decibel Level

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