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SE enclosed slewing drives are the most popular model of Kinematics’ slewing drives and can help power movement in machinery such as wind turbines, military equipment, digger derricks, solar trackers, medical equipment, forestry, waste management and industrial positioners.  The housing fully encapsulates all the drive components such as the double enveloping worm gearset, planetary gearing, and turntable bearing, such that they have total protection from the elements.  The SE Enclosed Drive is also advantageous if you’re mounting inside so as not to see the parts in motion, or to avoid injuring workers working in close proximity.

Slewing drives are ideal for jobs that require both load-holding and rotational torque from the same gearbox.  The fully-enclosed SE comes with Kinematics’ patented hourglass worm technology, or cone drives and double enveloping worm gearsets where required, for maximum load-holding and efficiency. Each SE is rigorously tested for reliable performance, with base model sizes producing 6kNm to 2200kNm of holding torque, 200Nm to 630kNm of output torque, 500Nm to 2710kNm of overturning moment load capacity, and gearbox reduction ratios of 30:1 up to 156,600:1.

Kinematics’ slewing drives work in applications with extremely long lifetimes.  The quality of manufacturing and reliability testing that goes into any product before it’s released to production and shipped is of utmost importance.  Kinematics has its own research, development and reliability test center to perform accelerated life cycle, destructive and failure mode analysis testing on final drive assemblies.  In addition Kinematics has test chambers for each type of material used, such as UV testing for rubber, impact test on metals, blowing dust chamber on lip seals, strength gage for fasteners, such that all elements are vetted closely to ensure the highest quality and most reliable materials are being used in manufacturing. The SE Slewing drive also comes with an IP55-rated enclosure to keep out dirt, debris and water from obstructing the maximum performance of the drive.

Download the complete SE Enclosed Slewing Drive product catalog for more details on:

  • Performance data for the SE Enclosed Slewing Drive, and other Kinematics drives
  • Detailed Product Specifications
  • Results from our 30-Year Accelerated Life-Cycle Testing
  • Industry-Specific Applications for the SE Enclosed Slewing Drive, and other Kinematics slewing products.

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