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The Kinematics’ SDE dual-axis positioner slewing drives work perfectly on satellite dishes, telescopes, dual-axis solar trackers (photovoltaic PV, concentrated photovoltaic CPV), and other applications where full-range of motion in multiple axes is required.   The SDE is like having two slewing drives, in perpendicular planes to each other, all in one monocoque housing unit.  The SDE moves just like a human wrist joint with movement in all directions.

The SDE slewing drive acts as a main load bearing structural component, turntable bearings, gearing and motion controller.  By packaging all these components into one housing there’s a huge savings on costs, weight, operations and maintenance.  Performance is also better because you have one nice, tight joint without the traditional multiple components coupled together on intersecting axes, which often have inherent joint looseness, harmonic frequency, deadband and high overall poor backlashes.  The SDE slewing drive is very compact and stiff.  You can turn a lot of power through its gear train and withstand a lot of loads from every direction.

The final performance of an OEM piece of equipment can only be as good as the drive holding, rotating and positioning.  Any weakness in the critical center plexus joint between the ground and dish or payload will show-up in slowness, shakiness, inaccuracies, and low output.  That’s why having a solid SDE dual axis slewing drive at the core is most important for a customer’s designs.

The SDE slewing drive uses Kinematics’ patented hourglass worm technology, as well as cone drives and double enveloping worm gears, when required, to provide consistently reliable strength and mobility. Each SDE is rigorously tested for optimum performance, with base model sizes delivering 3kNm to 100kNm of holding torque, 200Nm to 37kNm of output torque, 500Nm to 130kNm of tilting torque, and gearbox reduction ratios of 30:1 up to 156,600:1 on each axis.

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