Download the the Operations & Maintenance Manual for Slewing Drives in Renewable Energy Applications

The solar slewing drive manual gives you the information you need to be able to correctly install and maintain KMI slew drives for use in solar trackers, wind turbines and renewable energy sectors. The manual includes information relating to the preparation of equipment, cleaning, and properly fastening the mounting bolts for safe and secure mounting.  There are also maintenance instructions, which are really quite minimal and involve inserting grease through the preset grease fittings to ensure a high performance throughout the life of the drive.

The Kinematics solar slewing drive manual includes information about our products for renewable industries, including details on:

  • Slewing Drive Model codes
  • Transportation, Handling and Storage instructions
  • Installation Procedure
  • Primary movers, electric motors
  • Maintenance and safety checks
  • Weather protection
  • Material specifications
  • Limited warranty features

Weather protection is important for a 30 year life in renewable energy fields where drives are routinely hit with rain, salt condensation, high wind, blowing dust, extreme hot and cold differentials and high UV exposure to the sun.   Kinematics’ in-house laboratory of test equipment is used for testing every type of material over a 30 year accelerated life cycle before it can be considered for use in our applications.  This includes extensive test of the paint, fasteners, coatings, grease, rubbers, liquid sealants, thread lockers, steels, brass, irons and any material which may be considered for use in production of Kinematics’ slewing drives, slewing rings, double enveloping worm gearsets, or otherwise.

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