Download the Mobile Industrial Operations & Maintenance Manual

The mobile industrial slewing drive manual gives you the information you need to be able to correctly install and maintain a KMI slew drive for use in the mobile industrial marketplace.  The mobile industrial marketplace requires heavy duty rotational drives to output high horsepower while withstanding large impact loads.  It’s important to have slewing rings, worm gearing and motors that are manufactured to precise tolerances and of the highest grade for performing the rotation and load bearing functions.

A proper installation of the slewing drive is important to be sure that the working load gets evenly distributed around the slewing ring.  If the mounting surface is uneven the slewing ring will be wavy instead of flat, causing undue load in certain points of the ring, and making it difficult for the worm shaft to track properly around the worm gear.

Very high quality materials are used for all the metals, rubber, fasteners and electronics in Kinematics slewing drives.  A simple, yet routine maintenance procedure helps to ensure a long lifetime of high performance for your mobile industrial equipment.

The Kinematics mobile industrial slewing drive manual includes information about our products for mobile industrial industries, including details on:

  • Handling and storage provisions
  • Installation instructions
  • Primary movers
  • Maintenance and safety checks
  • Weather protection
  • Warranty features

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