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Kinematics manufactures the best, longest lasting slewing drives in the world.  Our slew drives are comprised of only the highest quality bearings, slewing rings, worm gears, rotational components and sub materials.  Kinematics is a completely vertically integrated manufacturing company, with a wholly owned, state of the art slew drive manufacturing facility in China.  The plant pulls in completely raw material at one end, and turns out beautifully finished product at the other end.

This limited warranty to our customers promises to provide for repair or replacement of slewing equipment that Kinematics does not correctly manufacture as long as the equipment is operated within the design specifications and follows the warranty policy.

Kinematics guarantees the slewing drives, slewing rings, double enveloping gearsets and worm gearing capable of performing as specified when in good repair, properly adjusted and in the hands of a competent operator. We further guarantee the equipment to be free from defective material and workmanship defects and agree to furnish free of prorated charge any part or parts necessary to make good any defect directly traceable to a fault in material or workmanship of Kinematics.  This is provided that the claim for any such defect is made within the warranty period after our original invoice of the slewing equipment and provided defective part or parts are promptly returned to our factory, with freight prepaid by our customer.  Personnel will be provided to do the repairs at an additional charge.

Warranties start on the date the equipment is shipped from Kinematics. The seller provides precision mechanical equipment that deteriorates every time it is used.  Any deterioration in performance resulting from the wear and tear on the equipment is not covered by a Kinematics warranty.  Likewise, any misuse or use of the equipment outside the design scope of the equipment that results in damage or failed performance is not covered under warranty.  We do though offer highly trained mechanics for repair.

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