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Kinematics’ KE maintenance-free slewing drives offer protection, reliability and efficiency for applications involving machinery such as satellite dishes, marine equipment, solar trackers and medical devices.  The KE rotator utilizes the Kinematics patented hourglass worm technology for maximum accuracy and strength.  Each KE is rigorously tested for reliable performance, with base model sizes producing 38kNm to 48kNm of holding torque, 1,400Nm to 10kNm of output torque, 33kNm to 67kNm of tilting torque, and gearbox reduction ratios of 30:1 up to 156,600:1.

Weather and environmental protections are important for a long life where drives are routinely hit with rain, salt condensation, high wind, blowing dust, extreme hot and cold differentials and high UV exposure to the sun.  With an IP55-rated enclosure and the highest quality weather-resistant materials, the KE provides total defense against environmental hazards.  In fact, because the enclosure is so tight and has special lubrication, these slewing drives require no regular maintenance.

Kinematics’ in-house laboratory of test equipment is used for testing every type of material over a 30 year accelerated life cycle before it can be considered for use in our applications.  This includes extensive test of the paint, fasteners, coatings, grease, rubbers, liquid sealants, thread lockers, steels, brass, irons and any material which may be considered for use in production of Kinematics’ slewing drives, slewing rings, double enveloping worm gearsets, or otherwise.

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