Do you know whose gears are driving your PV tracker?

October 26, 2017- Photo-Voltaic Tracking for utility scale power generation is growing at unprecedented rates due to the fantastic economics this technology can provide. There is always focus on the initial, or up-front, costs of a PV plant, however for the long-term investment to pay off as planned, life-time cost is the most important parameter. For these reasons, best-in-class PV trackers are designed and manufactured to provide attractive initial costs, but, more importantly, to perform for decades with little, or no, maintenance and low, predictable, operating costs.

Actuators that rotate PV trackers are one of two mission-critical elements of the tracker – the other being the electronic controls system. If the actuator fails, or does not perform for any reason during the lifetime of the PV plant, the tracker energy output is immediately compromised, and power plant economics are directly impacted by resulting energy loss, equipment downtime and repair  costs.

Kinematics (KMI) is the leading provider of PV tracker actuators globally today. KMI has been manufacturing slew drives for demanding outdoor applications for over 20 years, and has been the leading supplier of solar-optimized drives to the PV industry for over 10 years. KMI slew drive actuators now power over 10GW of operating PV power plants worldwide. KMI offers the longest and best backed drive warranties in the industry, and demonstrates lowest field failure rates.

Leading PV tracker manufacturers worldwide work with KMI to ensure lowest lifetime costs and best economics for their customers. NEXTracker, the world’s largest and fastest growing PV tracker company has this to say about KMI and this.

Do you know whose gears are driving your PV tracker? Specify KMI drives to your PV tracker vendor and you will be assured of receiving the industry’s best performing, most trusted, most deployed solution – and of optimum PV plant lifetime economics!