Download Our 3rd-Party Backlash Report

At Kinematics, we submit our slewing drives, bearings, slewing rings, and double enveloping worm gearsets for 3rd Party testing and verification on a yearly basis.  These tests show both that we meet important industry requirements, and have shown our products to be by far industry leading and 1st in class year after year.

When designing a system or equipment that will utilize a slewing drive, it is important to know the characteristics of slewing drive movement under environmental loads for both static and dynamic loads. Since the slewing drive is both a member of the support structure and a drive component, these characteristics will have huge impacts on the overall quality operation of the system or equipment as a whole.

Within the 3rd Party Backlash Report, the absolute values for deadband (hand load) and backlash (under fully rated loads) of Kinematics Manufacturing’s slewing drives are measured, then all major sources and contribution to the total backlash picture are identified. The harmonic frequency and spring constants are also quantified for system design as part of these tests.   This type of test data is extremely important for design of solar trackers, wind turbines, off-highway vehicles, satellites, industrial positioners, military machinery, construction cranes, material handlers, articulating booms, truck mounted aerial work platforms and other rotating equipment.

In many mechanical systems, it’s important to know how much backlash is in a gear system. This report analyzes performance with consideration for the following tested factors:

  • Deadband: The angular displacement in gear teeth spacing only under little appreciable load (40Nm).
  • Backlash: The total angular displacement of the system under a significant working load.
  • Spring Constant: Elastic effects of various components in the slewing drive assembly. Is measured in Nm/degree and reflects the torque applied per degree of slewing drive rotation.

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