Kinematics is founded on the development of innovative engineering and providing total process solutions. Our clients depend on us to create the right solutions for their project from start to finish. By focusing on a client’s needs, we generate solutions using a combination of proven technology and innovative design. This problem-solving approach allows us to hold multiple patents across our wide range of drives.

Below are our current patents by product type

Total Patents: 38

  • Zero Backlash (Model ZE)

    ZL 200810243792.X

  • Technical Bearing Mount

    ZL 200920036600.8

  • Double Worm Shaft (Model -2)

    ZL 200920036601.2

  • Double Mounting Surface

    ZL 200920036602.7

  • Vertical and Horizontal Modular Slewing Drive (Model SDE)

    ZL 200920040149.7

  • Enveloping Worm Shaft Slewing Drive

    ZL 200920040150.X

  • Double Screw Slew Drive

    ZL 200730195011.0

  • Fully Enclosed Slew Drive (Model SE)

    ZL 200730195012.5

  • Square Mount Slew Drive (Model SS)

    ZL 200730195013.X

  • Slewing Drive Special Mount

    ZL 200730195014.4

  • Slewing Drive Special Mount

    ZL 200730195015.9

  • Slewing Drive (Model S)

    ZL 200730195016.3

  • Waterproof Slewing Drive (Model KE)

    ZL 201110214952.X

  • Wear Resistant Slewing Drive

    ZL 201120510919.7

  • Zero Backlash Worm Shaft Slewing Drive (Model ZE)

    ZL 201120508597.2

  • Self-lubricating Slewing Drive

    ZL 201120510674.8

  • Partial Slice Gear Slewing Drive

    ZL 201120554935.6

  • Adjustable Clearance Slewing Drive (Model AE)

    ZL 201220313780.1

  • Mechanical Position Limitation

    ZL 201220640976.1

Total Pending Patents: 9

  • Compact Zero Backlash Worm Shaft Slewing Drive(Model ZE)

    ZL 200810243792.X

  • Adjustable Clearance Slewing Drive(Model AE)

    ZL 200920036601.2

  • Raceway Clearance Track Slewing Drive


  • Raceway Clearance Special Slewing Drive


  • Slewing Drive with Braking System


  • Gear Braking System


  • Slewing Drive with Magnetic Fluid Braking System


  • Tracking Device for Solar Panel


  • Slewing Drive with Double Dual Worm Control Module(Model DE)


  • Dual Worm Slewing (Model DE)


  • Slewing Drive with Cut-Off Self-Locking System


  • Slewing Drive with Internal Position Limitation


  • Internal Slew Drive Stop Limit


  • Self Locking Slewing Drive (Model LE)


  • Locking Slewing Drive (Model LE)