Download the DE Double-Enveloping Worm Gear Sets Product Catalog

Every DE double-enveloping worm gearset, cone drive or hourglass worm shaft is individually made-to-order specifically for an application and provides maximum output power in the smallest space possible. Each one is designed to fit into equipment that is so specially designed or tightly constrained, a full-size slewing drive wouldn’t fit. This gear set provides the best possible output torques and power available in a worm gear set, and can be used in a wide range of machinery, including oil field top drives, mining equipment, robotic arms, medical equipment, mixers, crushers and other oil field related tools.

Each DE double-enveloping worm gearset or cone drive is custom-built for each project and can be cut from 30mm (1.18″) to 700mm (27.55″) at the gear set centerline dimension.  The mounting to the gear can be made for any type of blind tapped hole, through hole, internal spline or shaped configuration.  The shaft can be splined or keyed, either internally or externally, to mate with the primary mover.

Kinematics employs state of the art manufacturing equipment, heat treatment furnaces and quality control equipment to ensure every gearset is held to tight tolerance, resulting in optimal precision for your application.  Without the precision a look-a-like gearset will quickly fail as the pressure builds up on ‘hot spots’ in the gearset and causes failure from heat, galling, pitting or breakage.

Download the double-enveloping worm gear set product catalog to learn more about:

  • Our Accelerated Life-Cycle Testing Procedures
  • Uses in Specific Applications
  • Detailed Product Specifications
  • Comprehensive Performance Data

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